Eloro District

Case Study

Eloro District is a project that tends to convey all the activities in the territory of Avola, Noto, Pachino, Portopalo di capo Passero, Pachino and Marzamemi activities such as: cultural, agricultural, accommodation, catering, tourism, archeology, sports and crafts. A program that specifies and diversifies the quality of an area. "The quality and not quantity", for a conscious contemporary tourism on the lookout for authentication, growing stronger all the time. In need, the first is to give uniqueness to a diverse lands, virgin and still poorly organized, which is preparing to become a leading role of tourism through the rediscovery of its history, traditions, differences, places and true potential. Eloro District is the first real Local Network when tourists will be able to know better our area in terms of itinerary and places very often not present in the official tourism guides. APP will show Eloro District Itineraries, Recipes, Places and Local Companies in a very simple and easy way. Tourist will be updated also about Eloro District events living the area like a local.

  • Job : Web Development
  • Date : Feb 2017
  • Agency : EloroNet