Damiano Cancemi
Damiano Cancemi
Software Developer
Damiano Cancemi

Software Developer

Full Stack Developer

Web Developer

  • Job: Development
  • Date: Feb 2014
  • Client: University of Catania
  • Categories: Other, Publications
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DT-Web is a web-based application for drug-target interaction and drug combination prediction through domain-tuned network-based inference. The interface to the DT-Hybrid algorithm, applies a recommendation technique based on bipartite network projection implementing resources transfer within the network. This technique combined with domain-specific knowledge expressing drugs and targets similarity is used to compute recommendations for each drug.

Our web interface offers the following features:

  • Browse and Search our drug database;
  • Browse all the predictions inferred by the algorithm;
  • Upload custom data on which a prediction using a DT-Hybrid based pipeline will be computed;
  • Simplify the early stages of drug combinations, repositioning, substitution, or resistance studies by finding drugs that can act simultaneously on multiple targets in a multi-pathway environment;

Our system is periodically synchronized with DrugBank and PathwayCommons. Predictions are updated accordingly.
The website is free and open to all users.

You can find full article at: PubmedBMCResearchGate and so on.

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